At ChildrenFlow, we’re committed to encouraging administrators, coaches and teachers to continuously create, grow and learn. Our curriculum reflects this commitment, as well as the diverse backgrounds and cultures of our instructors and participants alike.

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Founder and CEO


"Children are always at the heart of what I do professionally."

Throughout my whole career my earnest desire has been to change the world by making an amazing, positive, and real impact in the lives of young children. My training and experiences have made me an expert in creating effective implementation programs that improve the quality of early childhood education.

I am passionate about seeing children learn and develop to their maximum potential. I know that what teachers do day-to-day in their classrooms can have full impact in children’s lives. That is why I have dedicated my life to increasing quality experiences in the early childhood classroom.

From leading large statewide strategy and implementation, large school districts, Head Start programs, non-for profit, and local level implementations, to the private sector, I have been a partner in helping my clients become successful in measuring and improving quality of early childhood education.

I myself started out teaching in early childhood settings, especially with children of diverse backgrounds and dual language learners. From there I went deep into conducting research and evaluation for the University of Virginia during a national Professional Development study.

I have taught graduate and undergraduate courses at DePaul University in Chicago.

At Teachstone I trained administrators, researchers, teachers and coaches all across the US and internationally. I also trained and supported coaches who worked extensively in improving teacher-child interactions. I helped organizations plan out multi-year implementations to improve teacher-child interactions.

I’d love to partner with your organization to help you in accomplishing your program’s mission and goals!